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  1. Liba® – Omena-vuohenjuustopizza⠀

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    Liba® – Omena-vuohenjuustopizza⠀

    1 annos⠀
    Ainekset: ⠀⠀
    1 kpl Liba-original leipä⠀
    ¾ rkl hunajaa⠀
    200 g vuohenjuustoa⠀
    35 g rukolaa⠀
    ½ omena (punainen)⠀
    1 rkl pekaanipähkinöitä (hienonnettu) ⠀⠀

    Työohjeet: ⠀⠀
    1. Leikkaa leipä pieniksi neliöiksi.⠀
    2. Sekoita leipäpalat huolellisesti oliiviöljyn, grillimausteen ja chilin kanssa sekaisin.⠀
    3. Lämmitä leipäpalat mikrossa kuumuutta kestävässä kulhossa noin 4 minuutin ajan. (Vinkki! Parhaan tuloksen saavuttamiseksi sekoita leipäpalat lusikalla sekaisin lämmityksen puolessa välissä) ⠀⠀
    4. Sekoita crème fraiche ja limemehu sekaisin dipiksi.⠀

  2. Liba® Chips – Grillimaustetut

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    Liba® Pizza – Hawaiian BBQ

    2 annosta⠀⠀
    Ainekset: ⠀⠀
    2 kpl Liba-leipää ⠀⠀
    2 rkl oliiviöljyä ⠀⠀
    ½ rkl grillikastiketta ⠀⠀
    1 tl kuivattua chiliä ⠀⠀
    2 dl crème fraichea⠀⠀
    2 tl limemehua ⠀⠀

    Työohjeet: ⠀⠀
    1. Leikkaa leipä pieniksi neliöiksi.⠀
    2. Sekoita leipäpalat huolellisesti oliiviöljyn, grillimausteen ja chilin kanssa sekaisin.⠀
    3. Lämmitä leipäpalat mikrossa kuumuutta kestävässä kulhossa noin 4 minuutin ajan. (Vinkki! Parhaan tuloksen saavuttamiseksi sekoita leipäpalat lusikalla sekaisin lämmityksen puolessa välissä) ⠀⠀
    4. Sekoita crème fraiche ja limemehu sekaisin dipiksi.⠀

  3. Liba® Pizza – Hawaiian BBQ

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    Liba® Pizza – Hawaiian BBQ

    1 annos⠀⠀
    Ainekset: ⠀⠀
    1 kpl Liba original -leipä⠀
    1 rkl tomaattikastiketta ⠀⠀
    2 rkl BBQ-kastiketta ⠀⠀
    150 g kanaa ⠀⠀
    2 dl raastettua juustoa ⠀⠀
    1 dl ananasta (paloina) ⠀⠀
    35 g punasipulia ⠀⠀
    30 g persiljaa

    1. Lämmitä uuni 230 ° C: seen⠀
    2. Sekoita tomaattikastike ja⠀
    1 rkl BBQ-kastiketta. Jäljellä oleva BBQ-kastike sekoitetaan kanan kanssa. Levitä tomaattikastike ja BBQ-kastike leivän päälle ennen kuin laitat päälle 1,5 dl juustoraastetta. Lisää sitten kana ja loput juustosta.⠀
    3. Lisää ananas ja punasipuli. ⠀⠀
    4. Paista pizza leivinpaperin päällä ritilällä uunin keskitasolla 5-6 minuuttia tai kunnes pinta on väriltään kullanruskea. Ota pizza pois uunista ja viimeistele persiljalla.

  4. We look forward to a completely new year!

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    2020 has been a tumultuous year, to say the least, and we welcome 2021 with open arms! It is with great #gratitude and humility that we enter the new year.

    During this past year, we have all had to face many #challenges, and as a company, we are happy to have endured. In 2020 we produced bread and focused on strengthening our bakery and study opportunities on international markets.

    Nothing of this could have been made possible without our #customers, and all of our fantastic #colleagues. Together, we have baked and exported bread, delivered throughout Northern Europe – something that we are incredibly proud and thankful for.

    Going forward, we hope for a year where we hopefully can be close, laugh, eat great food and enjoy life in the company of each other yet again, the way we love!

    #LibaBröd#LibaBrod #2021

  5. A journey towards a more sustainable world.

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    We all know that our food choices affect the climate. One-third of a household’s #climate effect comes from the food of animal origin, in other words, meat, fish, egg, and dairy.

    Bread is a climate-friendly choice and grain is healthy for both the #environment and people. Every single type of flatbread we make is 100% vegan, free from additives, baked with high-quality grain from Sweden and several of our flatbread are free from added sugar. But we do more than that.

    Our flatbread oven runs on certified #bioenergy which is a reliable, clean, and sustainable electricity and heat production solution. We pack our bread in recycled cardboard cartons, and we supply our employees and visitors with charging stations in our parking lots. 

    Our journey does not end here, because we want to keep on finding new, smart, and #sustainable ways for the sake of the environment. With smart choices in our everyday life, we can all make a difference.


  6. Liba Bröd is FSSC certified as a company.

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    We take great pride in delivering good, safe and qualitative products in Scandinavia.

    In addition to the #knowledge, tradition and art of bakery, there is a lot of work behind the scenes that is needed in order to do what we do. That is why we spend a huge amount of time and resources on quality and food safety. Behind every single piece of bread, there is a wide array of different safety routines, controls and #certificates. We want to make sure that the way we bake and deliver is of absolute top-class, and to keep doing that, every process is imbued with this way of working. From purchasing to baking, packaging, handling and delivery to store.

    Liba Bröd is FSSC certified as a company. One huge and honorable #certificate, which requires continuous and hard work, with zero exceptions.

    All of this is proof that we maintain the high standard within our area, and something we are incredibly proud of. 


  7. Liba Tannour

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    Liba Tannour is one out of many flatbreads found in our #assortment. It is a soft and thick flatbread with a ”bubbly” surface, and with a history that spans thousands of years back in time. 

    The story of the well known Tannour began in south and west Asia, and is baked using the same principle today as back then. Nowadays, you can find unique variants of Tannour all around the world, using different methods, shapes and names.

    To stay true to its origin and be considered a ”real” Tannour flatbread, it has to be baked on one side. This is traditionally done using a clay oven, and baking bread in this manner is one of the most old-fashioned ways of baking bread in the history of mankind.

    The Arabic umbrella term for bread that is baked using this technique and originates from the western parts of Asia (where Libanon is located) is ”Khubz Tannour”, which translates to ”Clay oven bread”. 

    Just like its name, Tannour flatbread is a simple yet incredibly delicious piece of #history. It is therefore with great pride that we cultivate this tradition, and offer this magnificent bread in our #selection!


  8. Flatbread

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    Among our different types of flatbread, we have Liba Råg (Liba Rye). It’s a bread ingrained with just as much love and craftsmanship as our Liba Original, but with a different baking process and ingredients.

    Liba Råg is free from #additives and is baked on rye wholegrain (61% of it!). In other words, Liba Råg is incredibly rich in fiber, which gives us a coarser bread with a lot of taste which is noticeable with every bite.

    There is an entire science behind every type of bread that we choose to produce. Finding the perfect composition of ingredients, fermentation process, and time spent in the oven, are all crucial for a perfectly baked flatbread. Every grain, minute, and moment matters, so you can enjoy a truly wonderful flatbread.

    With our versatile bread, we want to be the number one choice, regardless if you’re looking for white or wholegrain bread. Therefore, we spend a lot of time with R&D (#research & #development), so that we may continue the strive to always improve our bread and expand our flatbread selection.


  9. Meet the team – Pierre

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    Say hi to Pierre!

    Every workday he gets up at midnight, to be at work, and ready to go at 1 a.m. He is one of all of our amazing drivers who make sure that there is always fresh bread on the shelves of our retailers.

    Pierre has worked as a driver with us for 11 years, and to him, Liba Bröd is like a family. 

    When we ask him what he values the most in his daily work routine, he answers this:

    ”I appreciate the customer contact and visiting our retailers. To be able to provide something beyond an ordinary delivery is something that I find very valuable. Putting in the extra time and effort is never a bad idea, and usually, it comes back in the shape of a reward at some point. It’s a great feeling!”


  10. Smarketing meeting

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    The #Smarketing (Sales & Marketing) project is in full swing, and we are hard at work with bringing the #teams together to create new opportunities as early as during 2020.

    Both departments have valuable knowledge and with a tightly knit cooperation, together we can make sure that every competence and #insight is utilized.

    During our last meeting, we went over the significance of each and every encounter with a customer. Being in direct contact with #customers, the sales department had the opportunity to raise important questions and cases they handle regularly. Together we created ”tools” that will strengthen our customer service.