Meet the team – Tobias

Meet Tobias Larsson, Quality and Food Coordinator! Tobias is one of several others who keeps an extra eye on the quality of food that goes out to our #customers. His job consists of continually assuring a high and satisfactory #quality of products, keeping track and control of processes, and also making sure that we are always improving. He loves working with food, as it is a “living” product. There is a lot that you need to be knowledgeable about and up-to-date on, as in this line of #business one can never compromise or bend the rules, as quality is everything. “My work contains of quality control and staff training on food safety. I really appreciate the company is always striving to expand and further #develop itself, which of course brings on a a lot of workload on our department. I think it’s both challenging, and very fun at the same time!” What is the best part about Liba Bröd? “I’d have to say the dynamic between the staff. We have a lot of colleagues from different countries and backgrounds, which creates a wonderful mix of people, all gathered at one #workplace”.